Jan 6, 2012

what I wore

yesterday morning was -10ºc
i think this is the coldest i have ridden in but i came prepared and i think i have it nailed.

this is what kept me toasty.

  1. my marino Rapha jersey, year round the best piece of clothing i own
  2. Specialized thermal full leg tights
  3. lycra arm warmers
  4. thin uniclo cashmere jumper
  5. chrome shorts, more for modesty than warmth but they keep a bit of the wind of my legs
  6. angora sox ... thanks KT
  7. sidi diablo mtb shoes, i think these are the most expensive shoes i own but have goretex and winstopper layers and the shit in cold weather
  8. extra woolen gloves, pulled up to the elbows
  9. new king kog jacket, thermal, wind proof and mean looking
  10. marino cap with ear flaps
  11. lid
  12. wind, water proof thermal gloves
  13. skull mask, this created condensation that froze in my beard but protected my neck and chin from the elements
  14. riding glasses (not in picture)

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