Jan 6, 2012

what I wore

yesterday morning was -10Âșc
i think this is the coldest i have ridden in but i came prepared and i think i have it nailed.

this is what kept me toasty.

  1. my marino Rapha jersey, year round the best piece of clothing i own
  2. Specialized thermal full leg tights
  3. lycra arm warmers
  4. thin uniclo cashmere jumper
  5. chrome shorts, more for modesty than warmth but they keep a bit of the wind of my legs
  6. angora sox ... thanks KT
  7. sidi diablo mtb shoes, i think these are the most expensive shoes i own but have goretex and winstopper layers and the shit in cold weather
  8. extra woolen gloves, pulled up to the elbows
  9. new king kog jacket, thermal, wind proof and mean looking
  10. marino cap with ear flaps
  11. lid
  12. wind, water proof thermal gloves
  13. skull mask, this created condensation that froze in my beard but protected my neck and chin from the elements
  14. riding glasses (not in picture)

Nov 20, 2011


rode my first alley cat today
slightly lost on 3 of the 7 stops and i think i picked abit of a dud route
heaps of fun and bought heaps of food for poor people


Nov 12, 2011


put my bike into a fence, it's getting better now but this is how my hand looked 4 days later

Oct 30, 2011

Sep 6, 2011

white gloves

rode out to fort tilden, was not a too sunny out but ended up scorched complete with crochet patterned knuckles ... ouch

Jul 28, 2011

big in japan

google translation of skelly on a Japanese blog

Jul 2, 2011


skelly and nokier sent in from germany ... hot

new wheels

hard-ano h plus son formation face rims built onto my phill hubs

also replaced the seat with a my san marco regal off greenie and a new set back tompson post to get some extra length out of the frame

May 29, 2011

4 boro loop

sunny saturday ride, trough brooklyn, queens, bronx and back down the west side highway
40k (felt like 60 over these shite roads) ... also ended up with some bizare fingerless glove sun burn

yok on the walls of 5 points in long island city

mighty ducts in astoria

Jeff Soto in chelsea

post ride snack at Crif dogs ... tube steak with cheese and onion and a tsunami dog wrapped in bacon with pineapple and spring onio

a map

May 4, 2011

ave a bike workshop

switching bars on the floor outside our apartment

Apr 25, 2011

skelly + ny bitches

skelly, gaga + indie on mulberry

Apr 11, 2011


60kms pretty much straight north on broadway with a lap of the park, through harlem and the bronx to yonkers at the start of the hudson valey

1 car crash
1 guy getting arested
show jumping
3x rivers
2x police road blocks
1 presidential motorcade

i knew this sign existed and is where i was headed, when i got there i discovered that you could only see it from new jersey so here is a photo taken by someone with a boat

Mar 21, 2011

rock rock rockaway beach

61km return to what i just found out looking at the map was not quite Rockaway beach

Rills park just west of Rockaway...

it wasn't untill i stopped here that i noticed the gale force wind that had been blowing at my tail the whole way in... it's going to be a long ride home

this plaza is set on the beach, the flag pole in the center is aligned with the empire state building (that's that little lump in the back between those trees)

also just read that this beach and bathhouse is another Robbert Moses site from the late 30's, he planned it as the peoples beach. he cops alot of shit for being pro car and anti people but the man knew how to build a public space.

Mar 18, 2011


the DOT had just finished pulling a small mini van and 3 live sheep out of this pothole when i took this photo