Sep 3, 2010

skelly mcgee

at new barry mcgee mural on houston at bowery, a similar piece was commissioned in san jose by a local government arts organisation but then removed due to public outcry over tax payer funded graffiti.
really hope this lasts longer

interesting facts:
#1. barry mcgee and keith haring are the only 2 people that have been allowed to paint the water window at the NGV on st kilda road, this wall was once painted by keith haring and has also been a keith haring tribute

#2. this wall is also the spot where obey installed his may day mural, this mural was subsequently trashed by adek among others. the san jose wall contains a shout out to adek, this wall does not

#3. this wall and the os gemeos wall (that is still behind the boards) both have an 'iz the wiz' tribute in roughly the same spot

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