Feb 24, 2010

simple guide to 1st ave

an easy guide to help you through 7 lane one way streets
  1. parked cars
  2. double parked cars
  3. cars avoiding double parked cars
  4. left hand turn from inside lane
  5. long or large vehicles turn from center lane
  6. can also turn from outside lane
  7. con-edison work van working in center lane
  8. cars changing lanes to avoid con-edison
  9. slippery man hole
  10. big sludgy pothole
  11. subway grate
  12. metal plate covering sludgy potholes that got too big

stay between 2 and 7, never between 1 and 2, watch out for 3, 8, 4 and 5, try and avoid 9's and 10's and hold tight over 11 and 12.
easy as pie, home and hosed.

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