Feb 10, 2010

client brief

backing up a bit...

katie found this sexy frame and now we have to build it up, everybody knows you can't start work until the brief and job number have been signed off so here is the brief as i see it for client approval, job number is with finance
  • 'classic' not 'pop'
  • awesome but not audacious
  • budget minded but not 'cheap'
  • classic silver components
  • minimal black
  • maybe 1 highlight colour
  • filp flop with focus on single speed
  • flat or riser bars
yet to determine the 'single minded proposition' or 'audience discoveries' but this should be enough to go off


  1. i think something in an off turquooizz with a hint of carrmell' highlights. with base of salmon. would really bring out the shabang a bang.

    the sha bang a bang!
    see: http://www.john-slaughter.com/images/pooii.jpg

  2. nice idea ... i'll go and find some salmon paint now